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PHA Exec Spotlight: Gianna Marconi, VP of Membership Development

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

In December 2022, Gianna Marconi was elected Vice President of Membership Development for the Panhellenic Association. In this position, she oversees the organization of programming and academic scholarships. She is also responsible for supervising the Junior Panhellenic Council, which brings together two members from each chapter to build a strong relationship with PHA.

Gianna is a Communications major on the Public Relations track with a minor in Human Development. Communication plays a key role in her position, as she is crucial in creating relationships between the chapters and circulating information with the other executive board members. Her knowledge of team communication can be instrumental in fostering collaboration, trust, and a sense of purpose among committee members. At the same time, Gianna feels encouraged to step out of her comfort zone when leading committees. As the Vice President of Membership Development, she enjoys developing programming events and working closely with new members. This position not only helps showcase her creative thinking but also allows her to learn from those around her.

After watching her older siblings undergo the recruitment process and seeing the relationships they have formed in Greek life, Gianna knew this would interest her. As a new chapter member, she quickly realized that her skills would greatly benefit her sorority. In her chapter, she holds the position of Public Relations Chair and had a great experience taking on a more active role. Speaking to her chapter's PHA Delegate pushed her to transition to a more prominent role in PHA and apply for her current position as the Vice President of Membership Development.

At first, Gianna felt intimidated meeting the executive board for the first time. Feeling scared when starting a new role or entering a new group of peers is a common experience. The uncertainty, the unfamiliar faces, and the desire to make a good impression can be overwhelming. However, her initial feelings of intimidation quickly transformed into genuine connections. After her first meeting, she felt confident with the talent and creativity of the women in the room. She describes them as encouraging and says, " We truly have genuine friendships that I never expected to make." Making friends outside of her chapter through PHA is her way of making a big Greek life community feel comfortable.

Gianna advises anyone interested in taking a more active role in the Greek community to research the different positions to see where one could best showcase their skills. New members can speak to the PHA delegate on the executive board of their sorority or contact any members of the PHA executive board. Letting your chapter's leadership know you're interested in more responsibilities is a great way to show commitment and enthusiasm. Gianna encourages new members to enter the application process with authenticity and confidence. Through her role as Vice President of Membership Development, she is proud of the connections she has formed and her impact on the Greek community.

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