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Primary Recruitment

Here at the University of Maryland, primary recruitment takes place over the course of the first two weekends of February. It is a great way to meet all sixteen of our chapters and understand our Panhellenic community. With timed rounds, invitation lists, and limits to the number of sororities a potential new member might meet each round–it’s very structured, but a great way to get a fresh look at all of our sororities. This is how the majority of our members join our community. 


PNM Orientation

PNM Orientation is an all-day affair where you have the opportunity to become more familiar with the University of Maryland Panhellenic community. You’ll spend a lot of time with your recruitment group and Rho Gammas throughout the day while reflecting and preparing for the recruitment process.

Values Round

During Values Round of primary recruitment, you will visit all 16 sororities for 25 minutes at a time. Values Round is over the course of two days, so you will visit eight chapters one day, and eight chapters the other day. The purpose of this round is to introduce potential new members to all of the Panhellenic sororities in our community at the University of Maryland.

Philanthropy Round

During Philanthropy Round, you will visit up to 12 sororities for 35 minutes at a time. The purpose of this round is to learn about each chapter’s philanthropic mission and organizations, along with other community service projects they participate in throughout the school year. You will also learn more about the financial obligations of joining each chapter, and any housing requirements that they have.

Community Round

During Community Round, you will visit up to seven chapters for 40 minutes at a time. At each event, you will get to see how each chapter values the community they have built at the University of Maryland. This round will give you a deeper look at the personalities of the sorority’s members as well as the sorority as a whole.

Preference Round

Preference Round is the final round of primary recruitment and gives you the opportunity to visit up to two sororities for 60 minutes at a time. This round of recruitment is one of the most special and memorable because you are invited to be a part of an intimate chapter ceremony. This round is the day before Bid Day and gives you one final look at the chapter(s) that you might become a part of in the University of Maryland community.

Bid Day

Bid Day is the last day of the primary recruitment period. It is when invitations to join chapters are extended to potential new members. You will go to your sorority’s chapter house with your new member class and get to know the members of your sorority!

PNM Eligibility

Eligible Potential New Members are currently students at the University of Maryland, and also have a minimum of 12 credits. These 12 credits must be transfer, dual enrollment, or University of Maryland credit only. If a Potential New Member meets both of these requirements then they are eligible to participate in primary recruitment.

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