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A letter from our
VP of Recruitment

Dear Potential New Members,


Welcome to the Panhellenic Association at the University of Maryland, College Park!


As the Vice President of Recruitment, I am ecstatic about introducing you to the fulfilling experience that Greek life offers within the University of Maryland. 


As you navigate the recruitment process, being genuine and true to one’s self is key to success. I encourage you to approach this experience with an open mind and heart as you explore the various chapters and discover their values, traditions, and opportunities. Throughout recruitment, embrace the excitement of meeting many new people with different stories and experiences. While each chapter offers unique opportunities, they are all united by a commitment to promoting community, scholarship, and fostering personal growth.


While joining a chapter is a deeply personal experience, know that the essence of Greek life extends far beyond belonging to one chapter. Within the Panhellenic Community, you will find an abundance of friendships, connections, and shared values that go beyond a certain affiliation. I encourage you to build meaningful connections not only within your potential future chapter but also with fellow Potential New Members, Rho Gammas, and the various chapters you encounter along the way. While the ultimate goal is finding the chapter that aligns with your values, it's essential to recognize that, regardless of individual affiliations, you are all soon to be part of the same vibrant Panhellenic community.


Deciding to go through recruitment was an experience that I will forever be grateful for; my experiences as a Panhellenic woman have genuinely shaped me to become the leader, friend, student, and woman that I am today. Joining this community meant becoming a part of a group of individuals who are not only passionate about personal growth but are committed to improving our community. Having the company of these remarkable women has undeniably contributed to my personal growth and shaped me into a better person.


I can’t wait to meet you all! Until then, I invite you to dive deeper into our website, attend our recruitment events, and discover the ways that Panhellenic can fulfill your collegiate experience and shape your future. Please never hesitate to reach out at if you have any questions or concerns!


With Love,


Kathryn Lawless

Vice President of Recruitment

Panhellenic Association

University of Maryland, College Park

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