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PHA Exec Highlight: VP of Recruitment, Emma Taylor

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Emma Taylor is a problem solver. The former recruitment chair for Gamma Phi Beta now uses her expertise as a marketing major to influence positive change as this year's Vice President of Recruitment for PHA.

Taylor plays a vital role in influencing the growth of the Greek Life community through her position. She plans and facilitates formal and informal recruitment through communication with recruitment chairs and diligent marketing towards potential new members.

Since her election after bid day in 2023, Taylor’s perception of the Panhellenic Association has shifted as she gains more respect for the community beyond her chapter.

“When I was the chair of recruitment, I wanted the best for my chapter. But now I want the best for every single one of them and for the whole community,” said Taylor.

This new point of view has allowed Taylor to better the community in many ways, primarily through several necessary changes to the primary recruitment process. Primary recruitment took place in early February in previous years, about two weeks after the start of spring classes. Taylor noticed complaints throughout the chapters about the strain recruitment put on their academic success, and she decided to make a change. After two hardworking months, the university approved Taylor’s vision, so the 2024 recruitment season will take place before the start of classes.

Taylor also received constructive feedback from last year’s Rho Gammas, the recruitment counselors designated to help PNMs navigate rush. Some Rho Gams felt unprepared for helping new members after minimal coaching, so Taylor created a Rho Gamma class, course HESIA318Y. This class, which is taught by Taylor and an advising representative for DFSL, meets once a week to prepare Rho Gams for primary recruitment and counts for three credits towards their transcripts.

This recruitment chair has also translated her studies as a marketing major into her position through marketing strategies targeting potential new members.

“As a marketing major, it’s been a lot of fun putting what I’ve learned in the classroom to actual use,” said Taylor

Taylor worked with a printing company to design and produce pins for each chapter to wear on their backpacks, gamedays, or anywhere to show their UMD and chapter pride.

“If somebody sees something a certain amount of times it registers with them, right?” said Taylor, reflecting on a marketing strategy she learned in class. “So I said, alright. Let’s put 1,700 pins out on campus.”

This fall, Taylor has primarily assisted with the continuous open bidding process, informally called COB. Informal recruitment is more laid back than formal rush. Chapters host open house events and coffee dates with PNMs to find new members for their chapter. Taylor created a COB calendar this year where PNMs can access information about events hosted by all 16 chapters.

“We had all 16 chapters eligible for COB which was very exciting. We get to add more members to our community,” said Taylor.

Taylor has grown close with the chapter recruitment chairs she advises, only strengthening her ties to the whole Greek Life community.

“It’s just been really fulfilling,” said Taylor, reflecting on her first 6 months as VP of Recruitment. Taylor is looking forward to what the future has to offer as primary recruitment quickly approaches. Regardless of the pressure Taylor often feels, she finds the role very rewarding.

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