The 2020-2021 Panhellenic Executive Board

President: Catherine Scott

The PHA President provides the executive board with the resources and support necessary for them to fulfill their responsibilities. It is her job to work directly with the other councils and organizations on campus, as well as the Department of Fraternity and Sorority Life staff, University Administration, and officials in the College Park community. She assists in programming events, coordinating activities, facilitating communication, and acting as a resource for the men and women of the Greek Community at the University of Maryland.

VP of Accountability: Sarah Stec

The Vice President of Accountability serves as parliamentarian of all formal Judicial Hearings, including but not limited to submitting a notice of hearing, notice of sanctions, and facts memoranda.  She does this with the help of the PHA Judicial Board, which is made up of representatives from each chapter. She also works with the IFC Chief Justice to select and train both the PHA and IFC Judicial Board so that they are prepared to serve as an unbiased third party in hearings. She also is in charge of planning and executing a week of programming for National Hazing Prevention Week, which takes place in the Fall semester. Finally, she is responsible for conducting New Member Educator training, as well as, meeting individually with each Chapter's standards chairs to monitor their internal programming.

VP of Recruitment: Lucy Wurwand

The Vice President of Recruitment is responsible for overseeing the 16 PHA chapters’ recruitment efforts, both formal and informal. The VP Recruitment plans, promotes and facilitates all of the formal recruitment activities and assists chapters during informal recruitment She also regularly meets with recruitment chairs from each chapter to discuss and implement procedures for both formal and informal recruitment.

VP of Administrative Affairs: Ali Siegmund

The Vice President of Administrative Affairs is responsible for the funds of the Panhellenic Association. She creates and maintains the annual budget. The position also involves paying bills, handling invoices, depositing checks at the bank, and approving and giving out grants. She records and distributes the minutes of each Panhellenic Association meeting. She also keeps an up-to-date roll of the members of the Panhellenic Association, as well as copies of all contracts and all correspondence. She acts as the administrator of all electronic groups for chapter presidents, delegates, chapter advisors, and the Executive Board.

VP of Risk Management: Annika Meyer

The Vice President of Risk Management is responsible for educating the community on issues surrounding alcohol, drugs, sexual assault, mental health, etc. She serves as a resource for the risk managers from every Panhellenic chapter. She attends meetings with the CMAST and represents the Panhellenic perspective. She is also responsible for planning the IFC-PHA tailgate and working with all the necessary stakeholders. She works with the IFC VP of Risk Management to oversee and coordinate all Social Event Monitoring (SEM) for the two councils.

VP of External Affairs: Sam Jacobson

The Vice President of External Affairs is responsible for several aspects of the PHA.  First, she serves as head of the Homecoming and Spring Fest committee to plan and organize various activities throughout the week. She also works with the Panhellenic sororities on improving inter-sorority, inter-council, and inter-community relations. She is the liaison between student organizations on campus and the Panhellenic Association. If your organization is interested in partnering with the Panhellenic Association on an event, please reach out to Brice!

External Affairs Cabinet Members:

VP of Community Excellence: Anastasia Marks

The Vice President of Community Excellence deals with two very important aspects of Panhellenic membership: academic achievement and community service involvement. She oversees a committee of one academic/scholarship representative from each chapter, promotes superior scholarship, makes each chapter aware of scholarships, and decides the winners of the annual scholarships awarded in the Spring. She also serves as a resource for any academic questions, concerns, or ideas from specific chapters. In addition, the Vice President of Community Excellence organizes and plans a variety of community service events for the women of PHA. She assists her cabinet in planning events with both on and off campus organizations in order to help women make a difference in the DMV area.

Academic Events Coordinator: | Community Service Events Coordinator:  | Assistant of Community Excellence:

VP of Public Relations: Sasha Wenograd

The Vice President of Public Relations is responsible for all marketing and communications related to the Panhellenic Association.  This includes marketing community events, developing strategies for increasing awareness of the PHA on campus, and creating promotional items. She oversees the PR Cabinet. She also serves as a resource for all public relation chairs of every chapter. Finally, she is responsible for approving all PR t-shirt designs from the chapters. 


Director of Marketing: | Photographer/Videographer:

VP of Diversity and Inclusion: Paige Hawksworth

The Vice President of Diversity and Inclusion provides active oversight, coordination, and evaluation of the Panhellenic Association's equity, diversity, and inclusion activities. She is responsible for conducting trainings and meeting with chapter diversity chairs. She also acts as the liaison for diversity initiatives on campus related to cultural appropriation, privilege/oppression, equity, etc.

VP of Membership Development: Lizzie Pichowicz

The Vice President of Membership Development is in charge of  planning the IMPACT leadership retreat every fall, organizing community speakers, and leading the Junior Panhellenic. In addition, she is responsible for educating the community on Circle of Sisterhood and all fundraising efforts towards the foundation. She is also in charge of planning PHA Pride Week during the fall semester which includes a week of programming and service opportunities for the entire Panhellenic community. 

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