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Alpha Chi Omega

Nicknames: AChiO, Alpha Chi, AXO

Address: 4525 College Avenue, College Park MD 20740

Values: Leadership ability, personal development, academic interest, character, and financial responsibility.

Philanthropy: Domestic Violence Awareness and Prevention

"We take great pride and passion in our philanthropy, as it is something that is intrinsic to womanhood and being part of a sorority. Our core values of service, learning, friendship and leadership are reflective in our work towards aiding victims of domestic violence, spreading awareness, educating our peers on healthy love, and raising money to fight for the cause."

Average GPA: 3.62

Minimum gpa requirement: 2.8
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Chapter Information

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Chapter Color: Scarlet Red and Olive Green

Chapter Flower: Red Carnation

Symbol: Lyre

National Founding Date and Location: October 15, 1885 at DePauw University

UMD Founding date: October 30th, 1948

Fun fact: We have raised nearly $10,000 in funds in the past year to support organizations like House of Ruth Maryland, One Love, and RAINN.

Fun Fact: Our chapter house is a registered safe house for victims in the area who may be fleeing a dangerous situation.

Fun Fact: We were originally founded as a musical sorority, and many aspects of our musical history can be seen through our symbols and rituals.

Chapter Media and Contact

Chapter Instagram: @umdaxo

Chapter TikTok: @umdaxo

National Website:

Recruitment Chair Name: Laney Rodgers

Recruitment Chair Email:

Recruitment Information Chair Name:
Gabi Warner

Recruitment Information Chair Email:

President Name:  Emma Finnerty

President Email:
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