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Zeta Tau Alpha

Nicknames: Zeta, ZTA

Address: 12 Fraternity Row

Values: Being Rather than Seeming, Humility, Leadership, Lifelong Learning, Love, Loyalty & Commitment, Responsibility, Seeking Understanding that We Might Gain True Wisdom & Philanthropy, Service

Philanthropy: Breast Cancer Awareness and Education

"Zeta Tau Alpha’s national philanthropy is breast cancer education and awareness. One in eight women in the U.S. will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime, so this cause is personal. Breast cancer touches many lives. Through local and national partnerships, campus and community initiatives, and the distribution of millions of pink ribbons since 1992, ZTA collegiate and alumnae members are dedicated to our philanthropy. By spreading the message of breast cancer education and awareness, ZTA sisters work to diminish this disease."

Average GPA: 3.57

Minimum gpa requirement: 2.8
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Chapter Information

IMG_1435 2 - Meghan Farrell.jpg
Chapter Color: Turquoise Blue and Steel Grey

Chapter Flower: White Violet

Symbol: Five-pointed crown

National Founding Date and Location: October 15, 1898 at Longwood College

UMD Founding date: 1990

Fun fact: ZTA is the official fan outreach partner of the National Football League (NFL). Zeta Tau Alpha alumnae and collegiate members have worked with all 32 NFL teams.

Chapter Media and Contact

Chapter Instagram: @umdzta

Chapter TikTok: @umdzta

National Website:

Recruitment Chair Name: Meg Farrell

Recruitment Chair Email:

President Name: Farah Aliabadi

President Email:
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