Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I sign up for recruitment?

 To register for recruitment please visit

How does the selection process work?

 The selection process is mutual. You are able to choose which sororities you would like to return to and the sororities will choose who they would like to invite back. Most often, the chapters you feel most comfortable returning to will also feel the same way.

What are the GPA requirements for joining a sorority?
You must have a 2.5 GPA  and 12 credits in order to participate in sorority recruitment. While most houses require a 2.8 GPA to join, we still encourage those who do not have this GPA to attend fall open houses in order to better prepare for formal recruitment in the spring.

How do I know which chapter is for me?
Going through the recruitment process can be a challenging time because all 16 chapters are so incredible. It can be very tough to choose which chapter you would like to be a member of. To help choose a chapter, think about which place you feel most comfortable. Imagine yourself out of the recruitment process talking and hanging out with these women on a regular basis. Take a deep breath, clear your mind, and just try to think about a chapter that comes to mind. If you are having difficulty choosing, there are many people who are around to help with your decision.


How much of a time commitment is joining a sorority?
Joining a sorority is definitely a sizable time commitment. Chapters have weekly chapter meetings and various mandatory events throughout the semester that will be on weekday nights and over the weekend. The goal of being in a sorority is to better yourself, so many of these mandatory programs will focus on topics that will help you become build skills and confidence to use in your college life and beyond.


Do sororities haze at the University of Maryland?

 No, hazing is strictly prohibited on this campus.  At the University of Maryland, we hold ourselves to the values and principles that our organizations were founded upon.  A member of the Greek Community is held accountable as an individual in a chapter, a peer in a fraternal community and a member of the campus community.  We build and enforce policies to recognize our shared mission as a community to prepare individuals for a responsible citizenship.  For more information, read the University of Maryland Hazing Policy.       


What happens when I sign my bid?

 When you sign your bid, you accept the invitation to join that chapter. Once you have accepted this invitation, you will start your new member period with the chapter.


What happens if I regret my decision after signing a bid?

 After signing a bid, you are bound to that chapter for one year. This means you are not able to go through the recruitment process or sign a bid for another chapter until that year is over. If you become an initiated member of that chapter then you are not allowed to join a sorority for the rest of your college career. However, if you do not get initiated you can go through the recruitment process after the one year period has subsided.

What happens if I have to miss a round during spring recruitment?

 If for any reason you have to miss a party during recruitment, you must tell your Rho Gamma as soon as possible.  Please keep in mind that if you do not attend specific events, it is the sorority’s decision as to whether or not they invite you to attend their party during the next round. We strongly encourage you to attend every party during recruitment, so you can maximize your information and opportunities during recruitment and to help make your decision making process easier!


Will there be opportunities to live in my chapter house once I accept a bid? 

Yes! All 16 sororities have houses at the University of Maryland that sleep between 28-65 members, with the average number of in house sisters around 35 members. Many chapters ask their newest pledge classes move in for the next school year to better acclimate them to the chapter/Greek community. Additionally, many chapters require all leadership/executive board members to live in the chapter house.


What is a Rho Gamma?
During the recruitment process, you will be assigned to a Rho Gamma group led by your Rho Gamma. Your Rho Gamma will help you throughout the recruitment process.  The Rho Gammas are members of our Panhellenic Recruitment Team and each has promised not to reveal her sorority affiliation. Therefore, she can give you unbiased guidance and advice throughout the process.


Who is the Panhellenic recruitment process open to?

We are open to anyone who meets the eligibility recruitment of 12 credits and above a 2.5 GPA and who identifies as a woman. Our chapters are accepting of all women regardless of their race, sexual orientation, religion, etc. There is no one type of Panhellenic sorority women, we encourage all interested women to go through the recruitment process.