Informal Fall Recruitment

What is Informal Fall Recruitment?

Informal Recruitment is just as it sounds: an informal way to go through Panhellenic Association Recruitment! It is a process in which Potential New Members (PNMs) and chapter members engage in recruitment events not on a strict schedule. There is no formal sign up sheet, only an interest form.

Not all chapters participate in this recruitment process and those that are will be announced sometime during the first week of classes. These events are often casual and sometimes involve just grabbing coffee with someone and chatting! Once it is announced which chapters are participating, their events will also start to be advertised. Anyone that is interested is welcome to attend the events that they wish!

Please fill out the following interest form to receive more information to your email!

PNM Eligibility:

Potential new members must have a minimum of 12 credits and those credits must be transfer, dual enrollment, or University of Maryland credits only.

Informal Fall Recruitment FAQs:

  • Do all chapters participate?
No. Only some chapters participate. There will be a specific list of what chapters are participating announced the first week of classes.
  • If I participate in fall recruitment, can I still go through recruitment in the spring?
Yes. If you go through fall recruitment, you can still go through spring recruitment.
  • What happens during fall recruitment?
Chapters hold events (ex: coffee dates) to get to know you and to give you a chance to meet members of their chapter.
  • When does informal recruitment start?
During the first or second week of classes.

Have anymore questions?

Contact our Vice President of Recruitment, Kylee Mills, at to answer any and all of your fall recruitment questions!

Be sure to check back to this page for a schedule and our instagram page @umdpha for more updates!