Primary Recruitment

Primary Recruitment occurs during the spring semester and is a structured form of recruitment. Interested women must register for primary recruitment prior to the kick-off date. All interested women will be placed in groups and given Rho Gammas (recruitment guides), who will guide the women during the recruitment process. Formal recruitment has four rounds and lasts for two consecutive weekends. After each round, women in recruitment will be able to rank a certain number of sororities they are interested in returning to in future rounds.

The dates of Primary Recruitment for Spring 2020 are:

Values Round: January 31 and February 1

Philanthropy Round: February 2

Sisterhood Round: February 7

Preference Round: February 8

Bid Day: February 9

To sign up for recruitment please visit:

Registration for Primary Recruitment will close on January 28, 2020.

Explanation of Rounds

Round 1: Values Round

There are 16 sororities participating in each round of recruitment. During round one, you will visit each of the 16 sororities for 25 minutes at a time. These 16 events will be spread over two days, so you will visit eight chapters one day and eight chapters the other day.  The purpose of this round of recruitment is to introduce potential new members to all of the Panhellenic sororities in our Greek community. You should dress casually and comfortably, as you will be moving from one sorority to the next at a rather fast pace.  Jeans are appropriate, as well as flats or boots and a comfortable sweater.

Round 2: Philanthropy Round

This round allows you to visit up to 12 sororities to learn about their philanthropic organizations and other community service projects they participate in throughout the school year. At each of the events you attend, you will view a short video that pertains to that sorority’s specific philanthropy. Our chapters are very involved in their philanthropies on campus and nationwide which brings our community together in a unique way. This round will give you the opportunity to gain insight into what we are most passionate about. Jeans are appropriate, as well as flats or boots and a comfortable sweater.

Round 3: Sisterhood Round

During round three you may visit up to seven sororities for 45 minutes each. The fun and entertaining atmosphere during this round of recruitment makes it a favorite for both potential new members and sorority women. At each of the events, you will get to see how each sorority values their sisterhood. Chapters may have rooms decorated to show off a philanthropy event, or have a memory wall. This round which will give you a deeper look at the personalities of the women in the sorority as well as the sorority as a whole. Jeans, a blouse, or a casual dress with boots, booties, or flats are common of both potential new members and sorority members.

Round 4: Preference Round

Preference gives you the opportunity to visit up to two sororities for an hour each. This round of recruitment is the most special because you are invited to be a part of an intimate chapter ceremony. Generally, you will be hosted by a member of the sorority whom you have already met and might have gotten along with especially well. This is the most formal round, and a nice skirt or dress is appropriate to wear to Preference. You may also want to wear heels because you will only be visiting a maximum of two sororities.

Bid Day

Bid Day is the last day of the recruitment period. This is the day that invitations to join sororities are extended. Your Rho Gamma will inform you of the time and place to meet and receive your invitation. After a small Bid Day celebration with your Rho Gamma and group, you will meet your new member class and sorority sisters. You will go to your sorority's house with your new member class, where everyone will welcome you. There are usually activities planned for you to get acquainted with your new sisters. You will be given a t-shirt by your new sorority, so wear something that is easy to layer over top of.



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