Alpha Phi

About the Chapter:

President: Kat Georgioudakis,

Recruitment Contact: Robyn Peterson,

Chapter Website:

National Website:

National Founding Date: October 10, 1872, Syracuse University

Maryland Founding Date: 1961

Philanthropy: The Alpha Phi Foundation

Colors: Silver and Bordeaux

Symbol: Ivy Leaf and Phi Bear

Flower: Lily of the Valley and the Blue and Gold Forget-Me-Not

Nickname: APhi

Chapter House: 7402 Princeton Avenue

GPA Requirement: 2.8


Social Media

Twitter: @UMDalphaphi

Instagram: @umdalphaphi

Facebook: Alpha Phi, University of Maryland

VSCO: umdalphaphi

Noteworthy Alumnas

  • Kimberly Williams-Paisley--Actress, "Father of the Bride," "According to Jim"

  • Georgia Neese Gray--First woman treasurer of the United States

  • Marion Roper--Olympic bronze medal-winning American diver

Fun Facts

  1. Alpha Phi was the first women's society to use Greek letters as an emblem!

  2. Alpha Phi is pronounced Alpha "fee" (long "e") not "fie," because a Syracuse Greek professor informed the founding sisters that it was the correct Greek pronunciation!

  3. Decorate bears instead of paddles because their symbol is the Phi Bear​!